Taxes on Valentine’s Day: A Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


While I don’t put a lot of stock in this Hallmark holiday, it is fun to celebrate that eight years ago today, I “met” my husband. Yes, “met” … as in, I got an email from him on So today we celebrate an anniversary of sorts.


During my meanderings on Match, I would sometimes meet great people, and at other times, I would get frustrated and take breaks from the whole thing. Meeting people online was either awesome or underwhelming, depending on my expectations. You know the drill, great profile pictures and all the right words in the description, … and then the in-person meeting was either a snoozer, or creepy, or just not a good match no matter how high has decided your compatibility percentage is!


In my single girl thinking, I had planned to not to log in at all on Valentine’s Day. Because how lame does it look to be sitting home on on Valentine’s Day?! (Or maybe it would have been fine, because after all, if they were logged in to notice I was logged in, then they were in the same boat, right?! LOL) But alas, later in the day, an email notification came through from a guy that I hadn’t noticed before, so then I had a dilemma … do I log in and respond? Is that super lame and making me look like I don’t have a life if I do? Should I wait until tomorrow and let him wonder if I was off on the most expensive, romantic date ever instead of sitting at home … on Decisions, decisions …



After some soul-searching, I went ahead and logged in. I don’t remember exactly everything we talked about, but I do remember asking him point-blank what he was up to today. (Not as in, “what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” … just wondering what he was up to.) Because I thought it might be a good chance to get a glimpse into if he was A) already seeing someone else, B) trying to impress me with his big plans, or C) just home on Valentine’s Day … like I was. So his response?


I’ll be at the gym working out for 2 hours?




I’ll be volunteering my evening to participate in a fundraiser for underprivileged kids in third-world countries?


Still no. (Although Mr. Bean totally would!)


I’ll be hanging out with my 50 best friends, clubbing?


Not this one either. So not his style.


I’ll be at church.


Yeah no, still not what he said. Although he is a believer, which is one of the things I love most about him.


Because Mr. Bean is the open and straightforward, no-games-playing, honest man he is, he responded:




Seriously. He was doing his taxes on Valentine’s Day!!!! When he told me that, I took a ginormous breath of fresh air for the first time in, maybe ever since I’d joined match! He wasn’t playing charades. He wasn’t trying too hard to make a great first impression. He was just being real with me. And he was secure enough in himself to just say that he was working on taxes. It may sound silly, but it was a beautiful first glimpse into his soul that was not lost on me. Character can be revealed in the subtlest of actions if you look hard.


So eight years and a bunch of grass-fed filet mignons later (that’s our Valentine’s dinner tradition for about 5 years now), we are going strong. Tonight we are looking forward to that dinner, except that nowadays we are waiting to see if and when Little Bean starts liking steak. (So far, he’s not a fan. So I will have another option for him.) And I guess I will also do a little work on our taxes. 🙂





  1. February 15, 2017 / 4:35 PM

    Our taxes are done (yes – we got a refund) – we had the grassfed steak dinner with a great bottle of Cab – and we met on – will be celebrating 13 year anniversary on July 24th. Yes – we were that couple that did it on Match when it was considered a somewhat embarrassing admission. And there ya go – Happy post Valentines Day

    • Mrs. Bean
      February 15, 2017 / 4:37 PM

      Haha NICE!!! Thank you for that! Happy late Valentine’s Day! ❤

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