Filing for De Facto

My feet hit the floor, and the first thought is … coffee. I have barely shuffled into to the dimly-lit kitchen, silently greeting my husband as he packs his lunch for work, when I hear her…

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Probiotics for Foster & Adopted Kids

Last Tuesday, I woke up early for Sweet Potato’s court date. Little Bean woke up early, too. And right away, I noticed that he felt warm. <sigh> (We’ve had a heck of a time keeping…

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“The confidential foster parent is in the room.”

I pay my parking fee and make my way to the courthouse. Not too crowded yet, thankfully. I walk past all of the signs advertising help with a “One Day Divorce,” and ride the elevator…

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Once We Adopt, Everything Will Be So Much Easier!

I hope you got a good laugh about the title of this post.  🙂  Sarcasm is one of my primary languages.    One of my biggest pet peeves with the media’s portrayal of adoption from…

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When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned: Reflections on the First Four Years

As of this month, Mr. Bean and I have been a certified foster (or, as California now calls us, “approved RESOURCE“) family for four years. Four years!! It is the hardest and BEST thing I…

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