Our new “placement!”

Kind of an epic day here on the Bean homestead! A dream I have had for a few years has been to become a beekeeper! A couple of days ago, I wrote about how this dream is becoming a reality. So, here we are … with our newest placement! A “sibling set” (if you will) … of approximately 20,000! 

Meet the world's newest beekeeper: Mrs. Bean!

This is me with Lindsay, from Sacramento Bee Love. She is AMAZING. And … MY BEES! (To the left.)

It turns out that working with bees is not NEARLY as scary as one might think. If you have protective gear. (As you can see, most of mine is not too fancy.) Lindsay told me that this nuc (nucleus) is one of the most productive and docile she has ever seen! She will come out in a week or so to check on the status. The most important thing she is wanting to see??? The queen laying eggs. That girl might be laying as many as 1,500 per day! NUTS!

So without further ado, here is me with my brand new babies!

Until next bee check-in …

-Mrs. Bean

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