My Whole30 Journey … Beginnings


For a few years now, the idea of the “Whole30” has been swirling around me. I’d seen bits and pieces about it on Facebook and Pinterest, but to be honest, once I saw the “no grains and no dairy” requirements, I kept scrolling. That was for crazy people. (For the sake of avoiding redundancy, I’m going to let you investigate the Whole30 website if you’re interested in learning more.) I mean, how in the world can any human live without cheese?! The struggle is real. Also, tortillas. And wine??? Yeah, I’m out.

However, two-and-a-half years of foster/adoptive parenting have little by little taken a toll on my whole person: body, mind and soul. Moreso than I realized at the time, because I gradually found ways of coping and adapting, even if that meant putting taking care of myself on the back burner. As I’ve mentioned, foster parenting and adopting Little Bean has truly been a highlight of my life, and a journey that is not over yet. At the same time, it has been stressful and emotionally taxing at times! Those stresses combined with my time-intensive part-time job and keeping the Bean home running optimally while my husband works long and erratic hours have together contributed to the gradual loss of my mojo. This former marathon runner and girl who never really gave her life and health a second thought for most of the two decades found herself beginning to slip into a no-energy-having, stressed out, frumpy and frazzled 40-something mom. I decided that that way of living could not continue.

Recently, I decided to revisit the idea of the crazy, “extremist” Whole30 plan. I can’t describe it, but suddenly in my heart, I was ready. NOW. I was done with feeling tired all the time. I was done with the muffin top. I was done with sugar cravings. (I was done with coffee and wine cravings, too!) And in a nutshell, I was done with letting all of the above control and set the tone of my life. That is not me! So without further ado, I downloaded the book, It Starts With Food, began reading, and I was sold. It resonated with me.

Today I’m beginning a series of posts on what has become my Whole30 journey. And I will start by telling you a few things that Whole30 is not:

  • Whole30 is not a weight loss plan! I can’t state this strongly enough. Although the book states that 96% of Whole30 graduates report weight loss, that is actually not the primary objective.
  • Whole30 is not a “diet” of “taking away” things. As I progress from day to day, I’m discovering that in order for me to be successful (and by success, I mean completion of the 30 days without cheats), my mindset needs to be fixed on the things that I am ADDING to my life (more on this later).
  • Whole30 is not a starvation plan! In fact, I might be eating more now than I have in a long time! It is no joke!
  • The Whole30 is not something you can do successfully unless you decide you can be “all in.”

With that being said, I’m going to tell you more later about the day to day progress, share some “Whole30 For the Rest of Us” easy recipes (that you probably already have in your arsenal, or can make minor modifications to in order to bring it into Whole30 compliance), and break it down for you. My hope is to encourage those of you who are on the fence to give it a shot, and help give you some tools for your tool bag.

Until then, … you can probably find me sautéing some meat and organic veggies in my fresh batch of ghee. 🙂




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  1. Jennifer Johnson
    July 30, 2016 / 2:13 PM

    Good for you Mrs. Bean – I read the book and blog a few years ago, and like you was not prepared to “give up” certain things. I’ve always liked the premise and am still on one of their FB support sites. I’m looking forward to living vicariously through your journey – I am making ghee here soon – if all goes well I will try to save you a jar. As a 50 something and feeling somewhat invisible these days – I may have to revisit this site myself. All my best to ya 😉

    • Mrs. Bean
      July 31, 2016 / 5:39 AM

      Right back atcha! <3

  2. Beth Steele
    August 31, 2016 / 7:29 AM

    Good for you! A friend of mine just completed it yesterday … She had wonderful results!

    • Mrs. Bean
      September 1, 2016 / 2:28 PM

      Thanks, Beth! Congrats to your friend, too!

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