What’s in a name?

Today in Mrs. Bean’s Kitchen is 8 months old now. When I started my blog, I really had no idea what I was doing. Oh wait, I forgot, … I STILL DON’T! But I do love the name. However, you may be wondering why, with a name like Today in Mrs. Bean’s Kitchen, this has basically become a foster parenting blog. Consider this my answer. (Or, a very long-winded “About Me.”)



My idea for the “Today in Mrs. Bean’s Kitchen” moniker began a few years back. This one time on social media, I posted what I was cooking that night. (Because I have loved cooking long time.) I used the lead-in of “Today in Mrs. Bean’s Kitchen: _____________________.” I have since forgotten how long ago it started and what my first dish was, but a while later, I did it again. And then again and again. Some times I posted the recipe I was working on. Other times, I posted a picture of my completed dish. And it became my little thing.





So when I finally decided to pull the trigger on starting my blog, I made it a permanent arrangement. Because I am so passionate about real food cooking, eight months ago I envisioned this becoming a food blog. But honestly, I have since realized that most of what I would want to blog about in that niche has already been done. I don’t have a lot of new material. And truth be known, I’d really rather give you a link to another blog who has already covered it, and probably better than I have.



In starting my blog, however, I’m discovering my voice. The stories that I share about our family are much more fulfilling to write about. Also, people want to read them! So the level of engagement that I receive with my foster parenting blog posts is much higher than it is on food and recipe posts. Which is why ‘Mrs. Bean’s Kitchen’ is more of an analogy now.



I am fortunate to have a fun kitchen to prepare food in our home. When people come over, we tend to congregate in the kitchen over food and beverages. And as cheesy as this sounds, I really want our kitchen to be the heart of our home. So, because meal planning and preparation requires so much TLC and daily effort, it is a lot like life to me. Life and husbands and children and your marriage all require a lot of TLC. Every. Day. And so, “today in Mrs. Bean’s kitchen,” in the general sense, is my way of saying, a day in the life of our family. Our family has had some unique experiences. Mr. Bean and I have become so passionate about foster parenting. Which is why, dear reader, this has become more of a foster parenting blog than a resource for food and recipes.



For the record, I may eventually have some new thoughts to share with you about cooking along the way. And if I do I’ll make a point of posting them. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. <3



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