Team Bean grows once again!

Life is funny some times. In a recent post, I went public with our struggle and soul searching about the next steps for us as foster parents. I have had the strong sense that we are not “done,” but Mr. Bean and I have gone back and forth about what to do (and when to do it) for a while. We have been “on hold” for almost 1.5 years since we finalized Little Bean’s adoption, but have kept our certification (which will eventually turn into “approval” – new CA lingo) current.

So, ten days ago, we attended our first post-approval training at our new agency office. And you know what? It was so good to be back! I came home re-energized and ready to go for another round of this insanity! So, after more discussion with Mr. Bean, we talked about tentatively planning to re-open our home by the first of July. We figured that would give us plenty of cushion time to gear up for a new kid, while at the same time not waiting too much longer. So, one week ago today, I sent an email to our agency. July 1st it would be!

Well, I didn’t hear back from the agency as quickly as I usually do. (She is super responsive!) But I didn’t overthink it, as I didn’t really need an answer. I was just giving them a heads up.

So, imagine my surprise when she called me late that afternoon. I wasn’t expecting to hear from her. But again, I didn’t overthink it. Perhaps she was calling about our June home inspection … or maybe letting me know about paperwork we were missing. Who knows. It was not a big deal.

First, she let me know that she got my email. Said she totally respected our decision about July. HOWEVER, if we wanted to move up our timeframe just a bit, that there was an adorable 13-month-old girl who needed a home very soon. We said yes, and “Sweet Potato” was placed with us the next day. 🙂


This is not actually a photo of Sweet Potato!!!! S.P. is in foster care, so her name and photos are confidential. But this baby is cute, too. Maybe not as cute as Sweet Potato, although I may be a little biased.

Sweet Potato is a super easy baby! She has a pleasant and mild disposition and is a very good eater! (Her nickname derives from one of her favorite foods.) She is a recent walker, and still pretty wobbly, which is super adorable. And she chews on everything. EVERYTHING. Batten down the hatches and make sure you don’t leave your flip flops on the floor (yes I’ve caught her gnawing on those a couple of times!).

When we picked up Sweet Potato, we also became a transracial family, as Sweet Potato is African-American. This will be a whole new area for us to learn about and grow in. We understand that we are opening our hearts to some new challenges, but we are not easily daunted. Already in one week, our eyes have been opened to things we could not see before.

There will be more to come later, but for now, thank you for reading, and sharing in the joy of our new family addition. 🙂 We love her already!


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